Robert Bosch College Model United Nations (RBCMUN), is the Model United Nations (MUN) club of UWC Robert Bosch College, a two-year pre-university college and boarding school for 200 students from all around the world. UWCRBC is one of 17 United World Colleges, schools around the world with the mission to make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. MUN is an activity in which all participants learn about the UN and international affairs and issues by participating in simulation sessions in which, following the real UN rules and structures, real life issues and crises are debated, and resolutions to solve these problems created and debated. The UN remains the only universal international political structure in the world today, so knowing more about how it operates and what it does is key to understanding international relations. Participants develop research skills, debating and public speaking skills, leadership, as well as managing and organizational skills.

Every year, approximately 40 delegates join MUN from UWC RBC. Participants are trained on MUN procedures, terminology, and the United Nations. Throughout the year they have the opportunity to attend international MUN conferences, namely in Nancy, France and The Hague, Netherlands. These experiences have given delegates the much-needed exposure to see MUN in action with their peers from schools across Europe and the world. Every year, we host an MUN day at UWCRBC, in which we run a one day conference for the entire school. In 2017, we had the pleasure of welcoming other schools in the Freiburg community to our MUN day.

Recently, RBCMUN has been developing the MUN club and there are some exciting developments taking place. On January 26th 2018, we will be hosting our first ever virtual MUN conference, with schools from schools across the entire world participating. We are also expanding the RBCMUN conference from a one day to a two day conference, the first of its kind in Freiburg. This is to provide for a more substantial MUN experience for our participants, but also to encourage students from schools in the region to attend. We are eager for MUN to be a real educational opportunity, a chance to engage with a variety of young people, in English or in German, about issues of real concern in the world today as stated earlier. In that spirit, RBCMUN is a non-competitive event in which no awards are given. The conference is expected to accommodate 280 delegates, 30 chairs, 17 staff members, and 4 members of the secretariat. The event will be held on February 23rd and 24th. We are excited to welcome you to our website to learn more about RBCMUN and maybe we will be seeing you in Freiburg some time.